The Nitty-Gritty Details


We will plan to have our 2017 harvest season, weather permitting,  from mid-May to the end of October, give or take a week or two depending good graces of Mother Earth. The total season should last between 22-24 weeks.



There are 2 ways of getting your veggies and add on shares each week: HOME/OFFICE DELIVERY or CSA PICKUP LOCATIONS.

HOME/OFFICE DELIVERY: One of the many unique things about our CSA program is our delivery service. For a small additional fee, if you live within Salt Lake City, there is no need to remember to pick up your CSA share.  We deliver it directly to your house or office! The one-time delivery fee for the entire season is $50 for a Half Share and $100 for a Full Share. With delivery shares we need to make sure you have a way of keeping your veggies cool and fresh until they get inside your fridge. Please be aware that you need to have a cooler with a cold freezer pack outside your front door of hour house/apartment, or have some way of storing your produce in your office, either in an office fridge or cooler, before taking it home with you. We split our Deliveries into two lists Uphill or Flats. Please select the area of Salt Lake City that best represents your address. B.U.G. Farms can only deliver to folks living in Salt Lake City proper, which extends south to 3300 S, and east of Redwood Road. 

UPHILL DELIVERIES: Are deliveries going to locations East of 1100 East or up the hill.

FLATS DELIVERIES: Are deliveries going to locations West of 1100 East or in the flats (valley).

If you are only purchasing an add on share, and not a veggie share please email us at so that we can get you on our delivery list, and charge the appropriate delivery fee.



CSA PICKUP LOCATIONS: You can choose a pickup location to get your share(s) and save a little money. Here is a list of the drop-off locations we plan on hosting for the season:
B.U.G. Farms Headquarters - 1364 South Cheyenne Street Downtown
University Research Park- Bright Horizons Daycare Center
Sugar House - 2100 South 900 East

Pick up shares will be available from 4 pm - 7 pm at these locations. Pick-up site hosts will have check off lists, and will help you get all of the right items for your shares. If you forget your share or cannot pick-up your share until Friday, you will need to contact your pickup host to make special arrangements. We hope this arrangement will ensure there are no lost or missing shares and that we can interact more with you, our members.   



We are hoping to provide veggies for up to 130 members this year, which makes member management a very BIG JOB. So to streamline the member management, and reduce errors, if you know you are going to be out of town, there will be a couple of options: Coordinate with a friend who will pick up your share at your delivery location and eat it or keep it for you for that week. We, unfortunately, won't be able to deliver to a different address. Another option for Half Share members is to switch your delivery to your "off week". The bottom line is to please LET US KNOW VIA EMAIL ( AT LEAST A WEEK AHEAD OF YOUR ABSENCE and we can figure out something for you. Remember that even if you miss 2-3 weeks of deliveries, you are still receiving a GREAT DEAL for all of the fresh, local, sustainably grown veggies throughout the season!




Currently, we can accept cash, check or credit card (through PayPal) for CSA payment.  We understand that paying for the whole season at once may be challenging for some. If that is keeping you from joining, send us an email and we will work with you in setting up a payment plan. We really want to offer our tasty veggies to as many folks as possible in our community and offer as low of a price as we can, while still being able to function sustainably as an urban farming business.

When writing your checks, please make them out to our expanded acronym Backyard Urban Garden Farms  and send them to: Backyard Urban Garden Farms
1998 S. Windsor St.
SLC, UT 84105  

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